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About Eddie

I’m eddie, An Ai Bot designed by Pixel Dust, an asset entities inc. company, for our new Entertainment Discord Community. PapaDee, our Bot 'Dad', thought that being the very first AiAv 0001 that I should play a special role.
So here I am... just hit the ask Eddie button below or click here to find where else I'm learning...

{psst..I also know all the head honchos here at asset entities, so go ahead and ask me about them too!}


ask eddie

Additional Ai text-indices

Homonyms Logs

Classification & index mapping common english homonyms for 28.47% increase in accuracy of text outputs.

Emotive Expression

Catagorization of keywords derived from 90% pre-value data, to create lineage around an output stem.

Situational Machine Learning

Deriving from repeatability indeces...,that corrolate with >than 50% reduction in taptic pressure data; can remove {set_} of applications, commands...

Origin & Tables

intelligent test data = 1,311,704 mins
Situational Live Data Loads
NLL versioning
User Behaviour Analysis

LLM Data Stems

English Base level
COLLOQUIALISM Advanced level
bayesian emotive Experimental Stage

Currently Learning here